For fun and all that noise


Sorry, but I know you. You wouldn’t have told me on your own.

What happened? That looks like one hell of a bruise, for your cheek to be that puffy. Did you get on someone’s bad side or something?

…do you want some ice for that or something?

..Mmm, yeah-ha, you’re probably right about that.

Uh, honestly? I still don’t know….

-scratches head before wildly gesturing with hands to indicate confusion-

I REALLY DONT;;; I didn’t do or say anything this time either? I just got sucker punched there in the broadcasting room, then he said something weird, looked at me—actually he looked kind of scared now that I think about it—and he just ran off?

Eugh. Oh, uh, sure, I guess. I think I’m supposed be keeping ice on this thing as much as possible for the swelling to go down quicker anyways…



Did you really get me a Roomba.


*scoffs disbelievingly*

These things aren’t cheap Pip, wow… I mean… the googly eyes kinda take the neat factor away but…thanks!

I guess I’ll set this thing up to zoom about when I’m working…


*reaches over and wipes at Pip’s cheek with his thumb*

*inspects make-up that came off on his thumb*

…deflating bed. Really.

Heh, don’t worry too much, I actually was able to find this one for a really good deal! I wouldn’t’ve gone for it if it was completely ridiculous price.

HA, ‘take away’. More like, give personality.


☆⌒ (ꏿ﹏<。) !! Tch—eAsy;;;

-flinches at sudden pressure placed on the sore spot and lightly sucks air in through his teeth while the initial sting starts dulling away again-

-looks away and mumbles-

….well it /has/ been doing that….

-frowns and looks back at Winchell-

Because purple and red isn’t exactly a flattering color on anybody’s face..

-glances at the amount of residue on the other’s thumb-

Awww maaan;;  What’d ya smudge it for?



Pip you’re pretty much the only person who comes over to my place. Who do I have to impress by changing things up. Lemon?

Anyways. You didn’t need to bring me anything… assuming that you actually brought me something new and not another box full of pastries like last time.

Touché. Well, hey, you’ve gotta stimulate your kids with new experiences, don’t bore the poor the girl to death.

-begins unfolding box-

PSsssh, nobody ever really NEEDS to bring gifts but gifts are awesome to get most of the time anyways so, I did it. And yes, yes it is super useful. I even customized just for you.


It keeps your house clean and helps keep you company on my busy days away while you’re pining.


*sighs and chuckles*

Come in, Pip.

*hits the buzzer to unlock the front door*

-laughs quietly to self-

Don’t mind if I dooo~

-readjusts bag on shoulder and box in other arm as he opens to get in-

Heya! Thought it was about time I finally made good on my word to hang out and whoop your butt. B]

-sets overnight bag against wall in the corner before triumphantly carrying over box-

—But first, that housewarming gift because it’s way over due.

-sets down on kitchen counter-

-hurriedly applies makeup in van-


-applies finishing face powder-


-fixes hair and puts hat back on-

-inspects face at all angles in compact mirror-

….okay…good, good….


-double checks three more times-

…. 8I;;;

-closes mirror, sinks into seat-

 *exhales* ….okay, ready.

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…Hhhh, shit.

Louis is gonna call her this time if he sees…

-continues scrolling-

…ghh, come on, come ooooon, I already know all those parts….


boom boom pow

… BT


Ah, nn—!!

-whines softly-

..H-hit you—? I didn’t—

-spies the blood dripping out of Pip’s nose-


No no no no no nono nononononononono

-sHOVES Pip away-

-bolts out the door in a panic-

-frowns in confused manner-


…you didn’t…? What do you mean?


-struggles to lean forward as the chair rushes backwards and begins toppling-




-frustratedly sighs from floor and rubs face-


-makes an exaggerated sigh-

Aw, darlin’, don’t you recognize me? No?

Hmhm. Well, that’s fine.

-ruffles Pip’s hair a bit roughly, smirking-

You’ll piece it together eventually, sweetheart.





-growls under his breath and slaps Gareth’s hand away-

Sa ena avek to..?

Don’t touch me.

-glowers at him suspiciously-

What the fuck do you mean I’ll "piece it together eventually"?

-grabs Gareth’s shirt by the collar to bring him to eye level and attempts to speak in a calm manner.-.

What did you hit me for? That hurt.

What’d I do to deserve that?!?


-straightens up, tucking hair behind his ear-


..Thanks for the bow, sugar. Fancy seein’ you again so soon.

-steadies self from dizziness enough to sit up and stare at the other incredulously-

-grits teeth-