For fun and all that noise
u okay there buddy



*nods silently while sipping his drink, not saying anything but keeping his eyes on Pip from the kitchen as Pip continues his phone call on the balcony*

-paces back and forth on the call another few minutes before opening the glass sliding doors again-

…Mo chagren, mm-hmm… don’t worry mama it’s nothin’ like that, I’ll call you later after work again tomorrow.

-shuts sliding doors again with foot after coming in-

…Yeah, laimé twa. night.


-trudges into living room-

-climbs onto couch-

-drops phone onto floor-

-groans loudly into couch cushion-




Pick it up.

-rolls eyes-

Yeah, yeah, I get it….

-answers in cheery tone-

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Your mom? Don’t you think you should get that?

I mean - what if it’s an emergency?

I’m patient, I can wait while you’re on the phone. In the mean time I’ll think of other nicknames to call you. :)

*turns around and pulls a glass out of the cupboard*


Bu-ut it’d be so rude—

[BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzz] you, I mean.

I’d feel bad if I interrupted you mid-conversation. Go ahead,


tell me the ones you’ve thought of so far!



This means I get to call you a shortstack or something else you know.

Fair’s fair.

*checks his phone instantly*

It’s not mine - must be yours.

-sets down ice to rummage pocket for phone-

*snickers*  Sure, but you might want to think of a better one if you’re trying to actually bother me..


-checks caller ID-





I’m not gonna ask to know every damn thing just… if you need a bit of help I’m here, that’s all.

I’m sure your family worries about you but I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a bit of outside help, you know? Like… after your birthday and stuff.

I can be here when you need a place to crash and whatever.

And don’t call me old >:T I’m still in my prime, haha!

Yeah, true. It’s always nice to know there’s you and this lovely castle tower of yours to hole myself up in and recoup~



-leans in-



-paps winchells cheek-

Dun wanna. >8I


*thinks as he puts ice cubes in a plastic baggie*

Mmh… well, there has to be a reason he punched you, people don’t just punch other people out of the blue like that. Unless he’s nuts. But…


Maybe see if you can corner him and ask him if you see that guy again? Like, in the school hallway or something, where if he tries to pull that stunt again other people are there to be witnesses.

*grabs a clean dishcloth and wraps it around the ice baggie*

Here. This should help.

And I’m glad you told me. I don’t expect you to tell me everything that goes on Pip but I want you to tell me stuff if you’re in trouble and… stuff. Okay? I want to help if I can.

….I wouldn’t call him that. Always seemed okay to me, not like I have room to judge anyways.

 I don’t know. I’ve had assholes start fights with me on nothin’ but a dare from their friends before buuut I really doubt that’d be something he’d do.
Mmmm…could be over some dumbass thing I can’t remember and had coming, wouldn’t doubt it…—Oh, thanks.

-lightly holds against cheek-

Mm-hm, I know, thanks for that.. but sometimes shit just happens? *laughs*


Sorry, but I know you. You wouldn’t have told me on your own.

What happened? That looks like one hell of a bruise, for your cheek to be that puffy. Did you get on someone’s bad side or something?

…do you want some ice for that or something?

..Mmm, yeah-ha, you’re probably right about that.

Uh, honestly? I still don’t know….

-scratches head before wildly gesturing with hands to indicate confusion-

I REALLY DONT;;; I didn’t do or say anything this time either? I just got sucker punched there in the broadcasting room, then he said something weird, looked at me—actually he looked kind of scared now that I think about it—and he just ran off?

Eugh. Oh, uh, sure, I guess. I think I’m supposed be keeping ice on this thing as much as possible for the swelling to go down quicker anyways…



Did you really get me a Roomba.


*scoffs disbelievingly*

These things aren’t cheap Pip, wow… I mean… the googly eyes kinda take the neat factor away but…thanks!

I guess I’ll set this thing up to zoom about when I’m working…


*reaches over and wipes at Pip’s cheek with his thumb*

*inspects make-up that came off on his thumb*

…deflating bed. Really.

Heh, don’t worry too much, I actually was able to find this one for a really good deal! I wouldn’t’ve gone for it if it was completely ridiculous price.

HA, ‘take away’. More like, give personality.


☆⌒ (ꏿ﹏<。) !! Tch—eAsy;;;

-flinches at sudden pressure placed on the sore spot and lightly sucks air in through his teeth while the initial sting starts dulling away again-

-looks away and mumbles-

….well it /has/ been doing that….

-frowns and looks back at Winchell-

Because purple and red isn’t exactly a flattering color on anybody’s face..

-glances at the amount of residue on the other’s thumb-

Awww maaan;;  What’d ya smudge it for?



Pip you’re pretty much the only person who comes over to my place. Who do I have to impress by changing things up. Lemon?

Anyways. You didn’t need to bring me anything… assuming that you actually brought me something new and not another box full of pastries like last time.

Touché. Well, hey, you’ve gotta stimulate your kids with new experiences, don’t bore the poor the girl to death.

-begins unfolding box-

PSsssh, nobody ever really NEEDS to bring gifts but gifts are awesome to get most of the time anyways so, I did it. And yes, yes it is super useful. I even customized just for you.


It keeps your house clean and helps keep you company on my busy days away while you’re pining.