For fun and all that noise

whoops october 18th, almost forgot it was a certain someone’s birthday. My bad.


whoops october 18th, almost forgot it was a certain someone’s birthday. My bad.

how does a cat like you even exist

Mrow meow mrow

-roombas around winchell’s apartment-


Is that a yes or a no?

I’ll take it as a yes.

-takes the keys from Pip’s van and makes sure it’s locked-

Now, you can ride shotgun, but no crawling into my lap while I’m driving, capiche? No distracting the driver.

-struggles to knead phone properly while being held-

[txt]: AW WHY DO U ALWAYZ HAVE THE LAPSITTING RULEZ im grt at lap sitting but su r e whatevs i listen to ur demands

[txt]: i call radio choices


-takes out phone and reads message-

…huh. You’re surprisingly good at texting with cat paws. At least we have some way of communicating, I guess.

-scoops Pip up and stuffs his hat in his jacket pocket-

And it’s hobo chic to you, mister.

I’m scruffy because… because, okay. Change of look, I don’t know.

… what do we do with your van in the mean time.

-makes a derisive snort-




-settles and sits contently-

-nods and purrs-



Pip, is the door - oh, it’s unlocked.

-pulls door open without looking inside at first-

Why do I hear a cat -

-looks down-



Pip you are the most ridiculous looking cat I’ve ever seen.


-nudges and taps at cellphone-

[txt]: and i thought you were a scruffy hobo for a second why are you so scruffy u asshole

[txt]: also plz dnt forget my Hat thk u


[txt]: ok ok I was just checking it’s hard to tell with you

[txt]: brt

-sighs and puts Lemon back in her tank-

Now you be good, ok?

-Lemon licks her eyeball-


-grabs a sweater as he heads out the door-

[txt]: omw



-stops pacing in driver’s seat to peer up and hears knocking at van window-

-begins mewling loudly to be let out-


[txt]: finaly JESUS just HELP I cant get out of my van and Oma stuck in the parking lot


[txt]: ok ok i’ll be right there

[txt]: i assume it’s the mall in town and not in like nebraska or something right


[txt]: why the hell would i bew in nebraska whats even happens there im at the south entrance dorkasaurz


kudalyn replied to your post “Don’t talk to me about OCs I will fall in character love with them and…”

rubs Pip and Winchell all over you

Oh look, some of my fave babies. Right on time.


not sure about being rubbed all over with pip tho heck knows where that kiddo’s been :Y.

-presents you with tiny fuzzy butt-